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Payments in one place

Let parents pay 24/7 without hassle. Know who’s paid and how much you’re receiving in real time.

Credit, debit, and ACH accepted

Automated receipts for each payment

Instant one-click refunds

Rosters one click away

Popsicle’s roster builder frees you from manual data entry and finger cramps.

Get instant updates with each new signup

Easy to view, download, and print reports

Quickly communicate with parents

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Our automatic notifications take care of everything from receipts to last class reminders – keeping parents up to date.

Real-time notifications save you time

Parents get updates right in their inbox

Never let anything fall through the cracks

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It’s such a pleasure working with Popsicle. They’re quick to respond and lend a helping hand to me and my parents! I recommend them 100%.

Nadine Zundelivicous – Director of Enrichment

It’s amazing how much I can get done in a day with the help of Popsicle! It’s my sidekick for getting things done. Love it!

Michelle Arrows – Program Coordinator

Popsicle is exactly what I was looking for to run my camp. Now I don’t have to manage payments or paperwork. It’s a real life saver!

Brian Weiss – Summer Camp Director

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