Make The Perfect Summer Camp Activity Schedule

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A camp schedule is the backbone that brings in more campers and keeps them happy. Even if you have the perfect location and the most perfect theme, without an effective activity schedule it’s not really a summer camp. Summer camp activities vary in kinds and types and offer endless options. What you choose will impact the satisfaction of the children and parents, but how you schedule those activities will help you build a reputation for yourself in the market. So the first step is to choose the activities you want to include and then the next important step is to schedule them effectively.

Most importantly, one needs to consider many points when scheduling summer camp activities. The children must be able to enjoy and learn and not get exhausted or bored. The timings, the combinations of activities in a day or a week- everything needs to be well planned and correctly scheduled. Ready to be a scheduling pro? Here’s what you need to do:

Get organized when creating a camp schedule

A great camp director will get organized when creating their camp schedule. To effectively make a schedule you will need to be organized. Pens, papers, journals, diaries, online notes… anything and everything you are comfortable with and will help you make notes. Never depend on mental notes!

Create a timeline in your camp schedule

Depending on the number of activities you plan to include, make a timeline. This must include the starting time, time for activities, break times, refreshment time, ending time and any other thing planned for the day. Allot enough time for each and always leave room for last minute changes, delays or issues. A timeline that is too rigid will ultimately fall apart if it is too packed with activity.

Overall stimulation is important in your camp schedule

A quality schedule will keep a camper’s senses stimulated all day. A great camp schedule needs to equally combine mental, physical and emotional stimulation for an overall positive effect on the camper. This will help the children use and discover many new things within a day and continue their take-home experience.

Create a flow and connection in your camp schedule

Most summer camps focus on one activity and then forget about it! In this case the campers will do the same. The activities and whatever the children do must be in a flow with your camp theme. Which means there needs to be continuity between activities. Spread the activities over days, and combine something new each day, so children are curious to know what’s next while also working on building something step by step.

Plan “No Activity”  in your camp schedule

When making a schedule always leave space for NOTHING! Yes, you need to let the children be and not constantly drive or focus them towards something specific. Just time for children to do whatever they feel like under a watchful eye.

Come up with “Plan B” for your camp schedule

While everyone hopes things always go as planned, they seldom do! Last minute issues, changes or problems can disrupt the original plan and that’s why you always need a Plan B! Having another back up plan will ensure no time or day is ever wasted and will reflect well on your organizational skills too.

Check out your competitors camp schedule

It’s a tough competition out there and to be the leader you first need to know what your competitors are doing. Do a little research and find out what camp schedules your competitors are using. Try and learn from that and then think of ways to be better than that. You need to understand what works and what doesn’t, by taking a good look around you. This does not mean you can’t be original or you need to follow someone, it’s just helpful in avoiding mistakes.

Whether it’s a day camp or an overnight camp, having a plan of action will give you the push start to success. Also, an organized activity schedule will help parents understand what their children are in for. It helps build an organized and planned reputation, which is always an advantage with parents. You need to be confident and prove that you have it all planned out and that you are ready and capable to take this forward. It’s not just a document, it’s proof that you are an expert and you are providing excellence!

Get organizing and planning to make a seamless activity schedule.