Finding The Perfect Summer Camp Location

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Just the mere mention of the words ‘Summer Camp’ brings in images of fun and excitement! Children and parents alike, look forward to a beautiful summer and camps add to the pleasure. While a summer camp is extremely exciting for the ‘customers’- the children and parents- it can be equally exhausting for the one running the show. There are so many things that need to be considered and so many tasks have to be managed to run a successful summer camp that it can be quite daunting. Starting a summer camp involves numerous tasks and one of the very first is to find the perfect camp location. The summer camp remains just an idea unless you find a location that brings the idea to life.

So when you think of a summer camp location, what are the things that come to mind? A lot of space, accessibility, room… probably the things you consider. But, when looking for the perfect summer camp location, there are many more points to consider.

Accessibility of Camp Location

The whole point of a summer camp is that kids can easily reach and spend productive time. If parents have to schedule a whole new regime just to drop off and pick the kids from a far away location, chances are your location will mar the success of your camp. The summer camp needs to be very easily accessible. Also, when we talk about accessibility, it includes the need to be close to a hospital and other basic needs.

Indoor Vs Outdoor Camp Location

Both indoor and outdoor summer camps can be equally successful as long as you have the necessary provisions. Ventilation, shade, rest rooms, space to run around are actually the very basic needs of a summer camp. No summer camp can be entirely indoors or outdoors. The kids need to have space both indoors and outdoors, even though one may be in majority. Rain, harsh sun, humidity and other natural climatic conditions need to be thought off before choosing a location.

Camp Location Security Needs

One cannot compromise on security needs when looking for the perfect summer camp location. Boundary walls, fences etc. are a must and must be checked for duly. When working with kids’ security becomes the top priority thus the location must enhance the security rather than posing dangers. Hilltop camps are a great idea but require stringent security. All security hazards in and around the location must be checked and completely removed.

Camp Location Budget

Every summer camp owner has a specific budget for each aspect of setting up and running a summer camp. Make sure the location fits well under your budget so you don’t have to cringe on any other needs and requirements. Have a detailed understanding of the current real estate prices and consider options like renting and leasing, whatever fits in your budget and does not burn a hole in the pocket.

Camp Location People Place Ratio

The number of people you will enroll also depends on the location and availability of space. The idea is to make enough space for kids to move around while also keeping them close to work on their social skills. A large space with a handful of children and a small space packed with kids are both equally negative points. After considering the number of kids you are prepared to enroll, make sure the location justifies enough space accordingly.

These are the top 5 points to consider when looking for the perfect location for a summer camp. Everyone already knows the need for legal property work and licenses required but most people ignore these other mandatory needs related to the location. The location of your summer camp will also directly impact your marketing strategies and affect your visibility and popularity. It’s the first step to setting up your summer camp and probably the most important as it directly influences every other step you take in the process of setting up. Be it a day camp, a weekend camp or a long term camp; the location of the camp makes all the difference and impacts the success of your camp. Consider these points and you’ll have the perfect location!