Enrichment Program Tips That Guarantee Great Results

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Want to have an awesome after school enrichment program? Well here are the 10 best enrichment program tips for a sure fire, awesome program. Follow these great tips and you’ll be on your way to enrichment heaven.

Enrichment Program Tips #1: Create proper policies

The first step you need to take is to create proper policies. Good policies create a solid foundation for your enrichment program. Without them, there will be mayhem and havoc! Having great policies aren’t just for good looks. Rather, they allow you to create expectations for you parents and kids participating.

Enrichment Program Tips #2: Schedule Demos

Have you ever signed up for something you’ve never heard about? Exactly. In order to get great enrollment numbers, you need to setup demos for the kids and parents. There are several other ways to market your classes, but this is by far the best.

Enrichment Program Tips #3: Pick cool classes

It might seem like a no-brainer, but you have to pick cool classes. Cool classes are those that you would have liked to do as a kid. Cool classes must be more than a name. Parents will register for classes that sound cool, but will ask for a refund if the curriculum does not reflect the title. Beware of companies who offer a cool sounding class, but don’t deliver the goods.

Enrichment Program Tips #4: Age appropriate groups

Remember to only group classes with appropriate ages. Even if a vendor or instructor tells you it is ok to have a 3-year-old in the same class as a 9-year-old. When the age gap is too large an instructor can not give each age the appropriate attention and thereby lessening the enriching part of the class.

Enrichment Program Tips #5: One Signup Option

We know, it’s tempting to offer 1000 ways for parents to register. But the end result is disorganization and unhappy parents. Setting your policies will help you decide on the best way to handle registration. When there is more than one option, you will inevitably find yourself in a pickle.

Enrichment Program Tips #6: Online Registration

It’s the 21st century… time to get online. Study after study shows the move from offline to online registration as being 1) more convenient for consumers aka parents,and 2) increases the amount paid on a single transaction i.e. parents enroll in more activities, and 3) allows customers to pay by their preferred method… credit and debit cards.

Enrichment Program Tips #7: Set a registration deadline

According to research, setting registration deadlines increases enrollment as it creates an urgency. Waiting until 5 minutes before class to know if you have enough students enrolled is not fair to your teachers, the kids that are already enrolled, or you as the program director.

Enrichment Program Tips #8: Don’t accept Cash or Checks

While cash used to be king, and checks used to be the height of technology, they have now lost the throne and become archaic. Accepting credit cards is the most convenient way for you to handle registration fees. They don’t require any extra tracking, documenting or verifying. Don’t you hate writing checks?

Enrichment Program Tips #9: Enroll before attending

Make sure parents enroll before being able to attend class. Why? because you can make sure they have signed waivers and are committed to truly trying the class out. If they don’t like it, you can always give them a refund or credit the payment towards another class. This is easily done when accepting credit cards.

Enrichment Program Tips #10: Keep in Touch With Parents

Yes, you must keep parents up to date! Let them know how their child(ren) are doing in class. Believe it or not, kids don’t always let their parents know how much fun they had. Engaging parents also lets them know you care about the kids and are on-top of everything. Happy parents means a happy you!